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A visio of the above is available, in case you'd like to play!

Next steps Scott Cantor ( will draft initial specs for IdP enhancements needed to (1) support ECP and (2) add support for expressing policy that constrains delegation of proxy tokens. Scott Cantor ( will draft initial specs for the overall flow (of which the above is an inaccurate but indicative form).

~battags will review the above draft spec to ascertain degree of harmony with the existing CAS proxy flows.

~cantor.2@osuScott Cantor ( will enhance the shibboleth SP to provide suitable logging of and policy control over acceptance of proxy tokens.


unknown will develop specs for a library (or whatever) to enable portlets to implement the ECP profile.

~tbarton@uchicagoTom Barton ( will identify or provide a space in which to continue collaborative work on this topic, and will coordinate with appropriate Internet2, Unicon, U Chicago, and other people to keep this effort on track.~tbarton@uchicago

Tom Barton ( will ensure that a portion of Unicon's engagement with U Chicago's uPortal deployment is assigned to this development activity.

~tbarton@uchicagoTom Barton ( will ensure that JISC is brought in to learn of any interest they may have in this effort.