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Using the Template Wizard

On a folder screen, under "more actions" will be an option for "Run template"


The wizard will prompt for "Template type", which by default has "Application" and "Grouper Deployment Guide structure."

Application built-in template

The "application" option allows you to give a friendly name to an application and prompts you to set up the recommended folders for an application to be integrated with Grouper.


Grouper Deployment Guide structure built-in template

This is a convenient way to implement the recommendations for folder structure from the Grouper Deployment Guide


Creating your own template (GSH)

See the GSH templates for examples

Creating your own template (legacy)

New templates should be configured in, and should extend a common base class.  GrouperTemplateLogicBase


When submitted, if each checkbox is checked, it should do that action (if applicable).  If not applicable, give a warning.  The UI will pass the list of pojos, and "checkSubmitted" is set based on if the checkboxes were checked, to the base class, for a logic method, to implement the template.  There should be a base class method to validate the input, pass the response JS object, and the validate method can write error messages to the screen and return true or false if valid.

Run GSH template from GSH

See the GSH attribute sync example

Run template from GSH (legacy)

Note: GSH must be run from the UI.  This works in v4.1.5+