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Jim Phelps suggested the working group pull the efforts of the past 3 years into a white paper regarding the state of APIs in higher education which could be an Educause publication.


14:16:12 From Brandon Rich : Is that a CSG panel?

14:16:36 From James J Phelps : No.  This is an API Working Group panel

14:16:41 From Brandon Rich : thanks

14:27:45 From J.J. Du Chateau : Fitness for use is always a metadata (documentatoin) problem that I think the community could learn from the geospatial community.  FGDC's & ISO's geospatial metadata standard can give one a sense of type of metadata to help users access fitness for use.

14:41:21 From Brandon Rich : Any recording of that security webinar?

14:44:46 From Ashish Pandit : Yes, recording is posted on working group site

14:46:52 From James J Phelps :

14:47:13 From James J Phelps : Notes, recordings and slides from the API WG meetings are on the page above?

15:02:14 From James J Phelps :

15:02:55 From Dana Miller-Miami Ohio to James J Phelps (Privately) : Great work!