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Attempt authentication at a Collaboration Platform service, like

Click the Authenticating to begins the process to determine if you are a registered user in the Collaboration Platform.

In Confluence, click the login link in the upper right corner.


Select your



Select your Organization (Identity Provider) from the drop-down list offered. This will redirect you to your home IdP for authentication.


Login with your


organizational credentials

Log in using the credentials you use with your home organization.


Proceed to registration

Once authenticated, the Internet2 Collaboration Platform will determine if you are an existing user in the COmanage registry. If you are a registered user, you will proceed to access the Collaboration Platform site that you initially came to login to.

If you are not a registered user, you will automatically enter a self-enrollment flow to use your authenticated identity in the Collaboration Platform. You will be prompted to register yourself into the Internet2 Collaborative Platformin the COmanage identity registry. Click the "Proceed to Registration" button. This will use the Organizational ID you used in the previous step.


Please consider adding as much information as you can; this will help us identify you better (in other words, create a unique credentialto ensure you have a verifiable identity). 

Scroll down and agree to the terms and conditions


You are now registered in our Collaborative Collaboration Platform. Access to services (like, JIRA projects, Mailing Sympa lists) will soon be enabled for you.