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  1. Crowd clients are Applications, not Users. That is, Registry will be configured to be an Application that has access to Crowd. Start by creating a new Application (and its Directory).
    1. Login to Crowd as an administrator.
    2. Create a new Directory that will be for the exclusive use of Registry. This is where CO People and CO Groups will be synchronized to.
      1. Crowd > Directories > Add directory
        1. Directory Type: Internal
        2. Under the Permissions tab, make sure all permissions are enabled
    3. Create a new Application that corresponds to Registry.
      1. Crowd > Applications > Add application
        1. Application Type: Generic Application
        2. The password you set here will be used later in the Registry Provisioner Plugin configuration.
        3. When prompted, enter the top level Registry URL for the application URL, ie:
        4. Enter your server's IP address for Remote IP address. Crowd restricts application client access to registered IP addresses.
          1. If using a reverse proxy, set the address to
        5. Select the Directory you created in the previous step as the Directory to use with this Application.
  2. Define a new Server in Registry.
    1. Servers > Add a New Server
    2. Server Type: HTTP
    3. On the next page, configure the Server as follows
      1. Server URL: (Be sure to include /crowd/rest/ in the URL)
      2. Username and Password: Use the username and password you set in the Crowd Application configuration in the previous step
      3. For Registry v4.1.0 and later, set HTTP Authentication Type to Basic.
  3. Configure a new Provisioning Target in Registry.
    1. Configuration > Provisioning Targets > Add Provisioning Target
      1. Plugin: CrowdProvisioner
      2. On the next page, select the Server created in the previous step, as well as the identifier type that will be used as the person's Crowd username.
  4. Manually reprovision any existing Registry CO Groups that you wish to create in Crowd. After installation, all new CO Groups will automatically be created in Crowd.
  5. Manually reprovision any existing Registry CO People that you wish to create in Crowd. After installation, all new CO People will automatically be created in Crowd.