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  • Grouper Call 18-April-2018

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New Action Items from this call:

  • [AI] Shilen make Jira on Multiple DB config and would subject API in Grouper eliminate need for subject properties to have DB configs



The upcoming Upcoming Grouper 2.4 release

  •  DDL changes
  •  Rip out old UI
  •  Deprovisioning
  •  Changes in WS API (alternate names?  What else?)
  • Beta release?  Fix with patches if not re-release?
  •  What else is needed for release?
  •  PSPNG changes?
  • What needs to happen with build scripts / maven?
  • Links from old to new: patch?
  • Database configuration: patch?
  • Polish the UI: patch?
  • Reports: patch?
  • Upgrade WS libs? No, save for 2.5


Matt: keep the admin ui?  Maybe have a tarball with jars to be able to turn on the old uis…

 Current work tasks CURRENT WORK TASKS

 Vivek UI work, bug in esb