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Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group Meeting - January 22, 2018


Attending: Chris Phillips, Kevin Morooney, Mark Johnson, Ron Kraemer, Klara Jelinkova, Michele Norin, Steve Zoppi, Sean Reynolds

Action Items

(AI) Kevin will email the PAG for any last input on the Trust and Identity Portfolio matrix.

(AI) For the next PAG call, Kevin et al will develop materials that discuss how the parts of the portfolio are currently funded and resourced.

Trust and Identity Portfolio Matrix

Kevin reviewed the latest version of the Trust and Identity Portfolio matrix, and will email the PAG for any last input. Kevin also reported that the other governance and advisory groups within Trust and Identity are having similar discussions about scope and work plans. Kevin will be spending time developing an overall plan based on all of this input.


  • Defining the T/I Service portfolio

  • Understand the T/I funding model

  • Developing a T/I roadmap

  • Interfederation interoperability

  • Communicating with potential community members

  • Demonstrating accomplishments

PAG Primer

Kevin continued the review of the “PAG Primer” from last meeting. The primer provides an overview of the Trust and Identity portfolio.