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Next Conference Call


  • Review and Develop Charge to Itana Business Architecture Working Group

Day/Time: Friday September 27th, 2019.
 11AM Alaska, Noon PST, 1PM Mountain, 2PM Central, 3PM Eastern

Saturday, September 28th.

To join the Meeting: 

ZOOM Meeting 982882283

Fall 2019 Call Program

September 27
  •  Review and Develop Charge to Itana Business Architecture Working Group

Winter 2019 Call Program

January 18
  • Presentation by Betsy Draper and Angela Chauncey from Kansas State University: Federated Business Architecture Approach at Kansas State University

2019-01-18 Call Notes

Presentation Recording

February 2
  • The call featured Ladan Heit, Enterprise Architect from Wilfrid Laurier University which is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

    Ladan will demonstrate Business Architecture methods using the  Insight-EA - Enterprise & Business Architecture SaaS Platform.
    Business Architecture allows an organization to build a holistic view across multiple dimensions such as capabilities, people, processes, assets, and information, etc. so strategic objectives can better align with tactical demands.

    The recording of a recent Open Group webinar about Insight EA is available at

2019-02-01 Call Notes

Presentation Recording

February 15
  • The call will be Hosted by Piet Niederhausen from the University of Washington who will lead a discussion of the following topics:

    • Continue last week's Itana discussion on ERP programs, focusing on how are ERP programs are doing business architecture -- Piet will bring examples from the current UW finance program

    •  Future discussion of last week's Itana call spent some time on UCSD's Enterprise Systems Renewal Program. Do working group members have experience with a similar renewal of "legacy" system programs? 

2019-02-15 Call Notes

March 1
  • jeff kennedy to present on the use of the CAUDIT business reference model for strategic storytelling at the University of Auckland, New Zealand (business process mapping; goals for the year; application inventory; Agile underpinnings and the implications for governance and strategy; helping the organisation understand itself; driving the portfolio).
2019-03-01 Call Notes


Presentation Recording
March 15
  • Dana Miller will present how the CAUDIT Higher Education Business Reference Model provides a systems view of the organization which aligns with elements of Deming's System of Profound Knowledge
2019-03-15 Call Notes


Presentation Recording
(1st 10 Minutes Missing)
March 29
  • Piet Niederhausen from the University of Washington will lead a discussion on the following topic:

    • Doing business architecture for the IT organization, for example, IT strategy, ITSM process maturity, workforce development, etc. -- Piet will share the range of things the EA team has tried at the UW and the associated challenges
    • In this session we covered the first half of the presentation deck; we will revisit the remaining topics in future meetings.

2019-03-29 Call Agenda/ Call Notes

Presentation Slides

Presentation Recording