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The ITANA Itana Business Architecture Working Group (IBAWG) discusses the broad domain of Business Architecture in higher education with the intent to develop tools and methods for the IT organization to become a strategic partner with the business. The goal is to bring together practitioners and provide a forum for sharing resources, ideas, experience and, inspiration in this emerging domain of knowledge.

Interested in participating? Please contact Dana Miller at


Jonathan "J.J."

Du Chateau


  • ITANA Business Architecture Working Group Kick-Off Meeting


  • Determination of working group focus
  • Collection of Reference Material
  • Roundtable - Quick overview of what other campuses are doing in regards to Business Architecture


  • Sharing of experiences in developing a Business Architecture
  • Trying to define Business Architecture


  • Miami University Business Architecture Vision and Action Plan: Presentation by Dana Miller, Miami University-Ohio


Meeting Notes



  • Jeff Kennedy (University of Auckland) and Nigel Foxwell (James Cook University) will share an overview of the Council of Australasian Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) Higher Education Reference Architecture models and their underpinning catalogues.


  • Review of the CAUDIT presentation and preparation for May 18th ITANA report out.

Looking Ahead

Development of the working group charter

Topics of Interest:


How and where does Business Architecture fit into higher ed?  What is the value proposition?

Additional Topics

Reference Material:

Next Conference Call


  • June 19th, Prep for Business Architecture WG Report Out on June 26th

Day/Time: Friday, June 19th, 2020.
 11 AM Alaska, Noon Pacific, 1 PM Mountain, 2 PM Central, 3 PM Eastern

Saturday, June 20th, 2020.

To join the Meeting: 

ZOOM Meeting 982882283

Interested in being a member of the Itana Business Architecture Working Group?

Contact Dana Miller at

2019-2020 IBAWG Program

Winter 2020  Call Program

January 17
  • Use of Agile in Project and Portfolio Management 
2020-01-17 Agenda and Call Notes
January 31
  • Strategy Deployment Methods
2020-01-31 Agenda and Call Notes
February 14
  • Continue discussion to develop the capabilities for “OUTREACH/ENGAGEMENT” that apply specifically to the Extension area of a university
2020-02-14 Agenda and Call Notes
February 28
  • Capability-Based Tribes
2020-02-28 Agenda and Call Notes
March 13
  • Open Session

March 27
  • Open Session

Want to lead or propose a session? Contact Dana Miller at

Spring 2020  Call Program

April 10
  • Open Session

April 24
  • Open Session

May 8
  • Open Session

May 22
  • Open Session

June 5
  • Prep for Itana Report Out
2020-06-05 Agenda and Call Notes
June 19
  • Prep for Itana Report Out

June 26
  • Itana Report Out

Summer 2020 Call Program


  • Book Group: Business Architecture: The Missing Link in Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Execution or presentation redo?

  • Regroup and where Should EA and Business Architecture Sit?

  • University of Wisconsin EA regeneration, J.J. Du Chateau