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Current work tasks

Vivek – Grouper Loader metadata

Chris –patches, deprovisioning
   Deprovisioning: Reviewed last call’s discussion… moving forward

Bert – PSPNG
  Issue with ldap running in docker""
   Try emailing grouper-users, gasper, and <>
   Send dockerfile to help people reproduce

1. Get test harness working again

2. Test PSPNG’s group-editing abilities and build patch

3. Add full-attribute-control feature

4. AIs

Is Docker the future for testing Grouper?
Matt suggests using vagrant since it is VM and doesn’t have the Docker warts
Shilen loves Docker,  hasn’t used vagrant
API test suites are missing since they integrate with other things not available
Complexities of Docker in prod doesn’t exist in dev
Running one command in Docker???  Weirdness to get it right.  Ignoring the religion of one process per container
Each test starts from pspng installed on top of grouper layer, everything gets thrown away after the test
Vagrant can work with docker

[AI for Bert] Talk to John Gasper or the lists and figure out issues and make a wiki to document testing Grouper with Docker so other parts of Grouper can use it (e.g. messaging)

Shilen –GSHNG, vtldap -> ldaptive

  • Will look at emails Bert sent about vtldap -> ldaptive
  • If patch is applied and running java 1.6, revert to legacy gsh.
  • What jars are being added/replaced: grooovy, cline, common-cli

 Issue roundup

[AI for Chris] note the page Matt was referring to noted about externalizing privileges and how we can’t do that in Grouper now

Next Grouper Call: Wed. Nov 29, 2017