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Project Executive Summary: 

Lafayette College is a small liberal arts college based in Easton, PA with a broad curriculum that synergizes traditional arts with programs in engineering. The College fosters intellectual inquiry, with students assisting faculty in their research at one of the highest percentages of any college or university.has an institutional commitment to the TIER Campus Success Program as an investor campus. As a long-time member of the InCommon Federation, staff and leadership are actively involved in its advisory and working groups. Lafayette works to We champion federation technologies among its peers. The our peers, and the three major pieces of the TIER toolset - Shibboleth, Grouper, and COmanage - are key components of its our IAM architecture. Lafayette has an institutional commitment to the TIER program as an investor campus.

We committed to deploying the TIER Goals for the College’s participation in the TIER Campus Success Program include deployment of the TIER packaged version of the Shibboleth IdP and evaluation of MidPoint evaluating midPoint as an identity registry. Deployment of the TIER solutions for Grouper and COmanage may be considered dependent upon their availability and Lafayette meeting its primary commitment to the Program. Lafayette College strives for consistency among its IAM processes and deployment architecture. We are interested in the The TIER packages will help us mature in these areas and will serve as a path to upgrade component software versions. As part of the cohort to participate in the TIER Campus Success Program, the big The expected wins for us would be the chance to integrate components into the existing IdMS, from integrating the packages into our IdMS are ease of deployment, doing things the InCommon way, and closing operational gaps relating to digital identity provisioning and identity lifecycle management. 

Organization Summary:

Lafayette College is an independent liberal arts college located in Easton, Pennsylvania. It is in close proximity to both Philadelphia and New York and is accessible via the major arteries of the eastern U.S. The institution offers undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences as well as engineering within a liberal arts setting. It is a full member of the Patriot League and competes in NCAA Division 1 sports.

Lafayette is academically competitive and is a national leader in undergraduate research. Enrollment is around 2,450 students and the student body is entirely undergraduate. There are 215 full-time faculty and the College boasts a student-faculty ratio of 10.5 to 1. It is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.Founded in 1826, Lafayette College takes its name from the Marquis de Lafayette. The Marquis‘s lifelong philosophy of cur†non†(why not?) is at the heart of College life. This philosophy also drives Lafayette’s identity and access management program. 

Key Area(s) of Interest:

Although Lafayette is interested in integrating and deploying all of the TIER components, strategic alignment with its roadmap and consideration of operational gaps is necessary for participation in the TIER Campus Success Program. The immediate proposal is that Lafayette will commit to deploying the Shibboleth IdP package/container and conduct an evaluation of MidPoint during the Program.


  • Shibboleth IdP 

  • ❏  Grouper Access Management Software     

  • ❏  COmanage Collaboration Management Platform   

  • ☑ Entity Registry, such as midPoint

Contact Information:

Primary Campus ContactBill 330-3094
OperationsCarl 330-5816
ArchitectureJanemarie 330-5609
ManagementBill 330-3094
Project ManagementJanemarie 330-5609
Communications ContactJohn O' 330-5161