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  • Address* (street, tokenized)
  • CoDepartment (name, tokenized)
  • CoEmailList (name)
  • CoEnrollmentFlow (name, tokenized)
  • CoGroup (name, tokenized)
  • CoPerson (via associated models)
  • CoPersonRole (title, o, ou, tokenized; also via associated models)
  • CoService (name, tokenized)
  • EmailAddress* (mail, exact match only)
  • Identifier* (identifier, exact case sensitive match only)
  • Name* (given, middle, family, tokenized)
  • TelephoneNumber* (identifier, exact case sensitive match only)
  • As of Registry v3.2.0, Registry Plugins may implement custom search backends

*Only records associated with a CO Person or CO Person Role are currently supported. Searching records associated with an Org Identity is not currently supported. (CO-1537)