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Baseline Expectations Deadline is Due

The deadline to complete metadata update to meet the InCommon Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation is December 14, 2018. As of December 14, 87% of the participating organizations have met Baseline Expectations. If you organization has not completed updates, please do so as soon as possible.

Check your Status: Is my organization meeting Baseline Expectations?

How-to Article: How do I update my metadata to meet Baseline Expectations?

titleRequesting an Extension to the Deadline

Need more time to complete your updates? You can submit an request for extension here:

Getting Help: Open Office Hours

InCommon is hosting open office hours to answer questions and to help Participants complete Baseline Expectations metadata update. There is no need to make an appointment. Simply just join the Zoom room at the scheduled time to ask your questions.

Next Office Hour Date and Time:

December 20, 2018 - - 2 pm ET | 1 pm CT | Noon MT | 11 am PT

Zoom Connection Information


Telephone: +1 646 558 8656, or +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 958 316 025

Contacting Us

For assistance, please contact admin@incommonhelp@incommon.orge

Baseline Expectations Health Checks

InCommon performs periodic metadata health checks to share Baseline Expectation adoption progress statistics with participants.  To find out how you and your peers are doing, check the Baseline Expectations Adherence by Organization list.

If you would like to find out details about your organization's Baseline Expectations status, please contact

Baseline Expectations Dashboard -

December 14

July 17,


Update: Starting November 1, 2018, this dashboard is updated bi-weekly.

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About Baseline Expectations

The InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board hosted a webinar on October 11, 2018  to review Baseline Expectations. The webinar provides an overview of the Baseline Expectations initiative, schedule, and a demo of the Federation Manager, the software Participants use to manage metadata.

Download the slides  (PDF)

Foundational Documents

Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation - This core Baseline Expectations document establishes three short lists of expectations expressed at a high level.

Process to Maintain Baseline Expectations by InCommon and its Members - This document defines several processes by which InCommon and InCommon Participants will hold each other accountable for meeting Baseline Expectations.


Blog Posts

On This Page

Table of Contents

Documents and Background

Transitioning the Community - October 2018  

Baseline Processes Roadmap

Implementing Baseline Expectations in InCommon Metadata 

Processes to Maintain Baseline Expectations by InCommon and its Members

Community Consensus Process

Community Dispute Resolution Process  

Testing Your Own Metadata for Baseline Expectations

Organizations That Meet/Don't Meet Baseline: Baseline Expectations Adherence by Organization

Newsletter and Blog Posts

Baseline Expectations: Huge Progress by the Community (November 2018)

Baseline Expectations Newsletter (May 2018)

Baseline Expectations Measurements and Reporting (Feb 2018)


InCommon Baseline Expectations: The Business Value Explained - It’s Not Just About Health Checks

 (March 2018)

Download the slides (PDF)
View the recorded webinar (Adobe Connect)

The Federation Doctor Will See You Now: Metadata Health Checks (Feb 2018)

Download the slides (PDF)
View the recorded webinar (Adobe Connect)

Baseline Expectations for IdPs and SPs (Jan 2018)

Download the slides (PDF)
 (Adobe Connect)

Implementation Explanation (July 2017)

Download the slides (PDF)
Recording (Adobe Connect)