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  • Do this work from the same directory where your Dockerfile is located
  • Mounted

    • It will be necessary to first transfer your built config to your manager VM if you built the config elsewhere

    • docker build --rm -t my/shibb-idp-tier .

  • Burned

    • If your config is located in the default directories generated by the script

      • docker build --rm -t my/shibb-idp-tier .

  • Hybrid

    • It will be necessary to first transfer your secrets files to your manager VM, if they are not already there.

    • The first command below establishes an alternate location for the config bits (which then gets used in the subsequent ‘docker build’ command).  The default alternate directory referenced is produced by the script and has the secrets extracted from the main config.  This means that the resulting image will be burned with an incomplete config (some files will be missing).  That config will be completed at run-time when the predefined secrets are added by docker.

      • export ALTCFG=ConfigNoSecrets

      • docker build --rm -t my/shibb-idp-tier --build-arg TOMCFG=${ALTCFG}/config/tomcat \