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*Carry Over Action Items*

Wiki Markup\[GrouperWG:AI\] (Gary) will send Chris the Javascript error for the light UI in IE7 and IE8 \
[GrouperWG:AI\]    (TomZ) will do further testing of Postgress and registry and inform Chris of issues. \
[GrouperWG:AI\]    (Chris) will look into issues around the hash character in Java and investigate using a question mark for cases in which authentication doesn't handle the hash mark.[] \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (TomZ) will send a link about the Java 6 approach and the invoker. \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (Shilen) will run web service and client tests. \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (TomZ) will add a testing table to the wiki. \
[GrouperWG:AI \ ] (Everyone) update the upgrade change log wiki page as needed re jars and config files, and upgrade instructions.[] \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (Shilen) will document namespace transition in the wiki. \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (Chris) will document roles and permissions and attribute framework in the wiki. \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (Chris) will document Grouper Loader, its new role for audit, notifications, enable/disable dates, and how to monitor it in the wiki. \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (Shilen) will document Upgrade Steps in the wiki. \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (Chris) will document the new Lite UI in the wiki. \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (Tom) will create Release Notes. \
[GrouperWG:AI\] (SteveO) will update website and wiki as needed for Grouper 1.5.0 release.

*Grouper 1.5 Release Discussion*