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Group IDPathGroup NameNotes
unl:ref:hr:employeeEmployeeAll employees of the University, unl:ref:hr:staff is a direct member.
unl:ref:hr:staffStaffAll staff of the University, unl:ref:hr:esg:B1 is a direct member.
unl:ref:hr:esg:B1B1All Salaried B-line staff of the University
unl:ref:hr:orgs:50000081:employeeOffice of the Chancellor UNL (Employee)All employees of the Chancellor’s Office, unl:ref:hr:orgs:50000081:staff is a direct member.
unl:ref:hr:orgs:50000081:staffOffice of the Chancellor UNL (Staff)Staff in the Chancellor’s office, unl:ref:hr:orgs:50000081:esg:B1 is a direct member.
unl:ref:hr:orgs:50000081:esg:B1Office of the Chancellor UNL (ESG B1)Salaried B-line Staff in the Chancellor’s Office
unl:ref:hr:position:00003276Mgr Identity Access Mgmt (Position 00003276 - Brett Bieber)Immutable unique position #, for the Manager of Identity & Access Management, this group has Brett Bieber as the only member. For this group, it’s been very helpful to include the name of the employee in the name of the group, so that it is returned when someone searches for that person
unl:ref:hr:supervisor:00003276Mgr Identity Access Mgmt (Supervisor 00003276)Group of all employees with #3276 as their supervisor (Brett's direct reports are direct members)
unl:ref:hr:team:00003276Mgr Identity Access Mgmt Team (Position+Supervisor 00003276)Group with unl:ref:hr:position:00003276 and unl:ref:hr:supervisor:00003276 as direct members.
unl:ref:hr:title:Help Center AssistantHelp Center AssistantEmployees with that specific title

Grouper Stem Layout for Course information

Group IDPathGroup NameNotes

WATER IN SOCIETY AECN109 SEC 001 Spring 2019 - students/instructors/all

The groups in this folder all pertain to a specific section (001) of the AECN (Agricultural Economics) 109 course.

WATER IN SOCIETY AECN109 SEC 150 Spring 2020 - all_sections_instructors/all_sections_students

The groups in this folder roll-up all of the respective instructors or students for all the sections of AECN 109.
AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS 100 level instructors/studentsThese groups contain the basis:stdnt:nu:courses:UNL:ASC:AECN:1%:all_sections_instructors/students groups for all of the 1XX level Agricultural Economics courses.
AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS all instructors/studentsThese groups contain the basis:stdnt:nu:courses:UNL:ASC:AECN:%00_level_instructors/students groups as members. 
ARTS AND SCIENCES all subjects instructors/studentsThese groups contain the basis:stdnt:nu:courses:UNL:ASC:%:all_courses_instructors/students groups

University of Nebraska presented on their Grouper deployment at the Feb. 14, 2018 IAM Online webinar.  See the slides: and recorded webinar:

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