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RA: Registration Authority - an organizational role responsible for the trustworthy onboarding of Organizations and their named roles/staff, as well as registration of their metadata according to written RA procedures.

RA Administrator: An RA administrator vets and approves submitted metadata. They are members of the Internet2 staff. See also the public wiki page on various FM users.


Site Administrator: A site administrator may create, update, or delete any type of metadata, either IdP or SP metadata. Provisioned by RA Administrators. See also the public wiki page on various FM users.

SP: Service Provider - a piece of SAML "middleware" and its associated SAML role, which acts as the recipient of SAML assertions from an IdP.

Steward Metadata Submitter: Steward Organization staff authorized to act as a metadata submitter, aka "Site Administrator" on behalf of other non-InCommon-Participant organizations as part of the InCommon Steward Program.  Metadata submitted by Steward Metadata Submitters enters a metadata approval queue for their Organization's Steward Registration Authority Administrator.  Once approved by the Steward RAA, the metadata is published in the InCommon federation, bypassing the InCommon RAA staff metadata approval queue.  The Steward Metadata Submitter is implemented in the Federation Manager as a Site Administrator (inc_admin) role in a Sub-Organization marked as a "Steward" organization by the InCommon RA Administrator staff.