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Itana is joining with Internet2 to develop a white paper on Internet-Of-Things - Preparing campus for IoT.  Work will start in Spring 2017


Working Group Members

Ken Klingenstein (flywheel)kjk@internet2.eduInternet2
Troy Martin


Ray Polakovic

 rpolakov@uw.eduUniversity of Washington

Chuck Benson

cabenson@uw.eduUniversity of Washington

Clayton Barlow

clayton.barlow@utah.eduUniversity of Utah

Richard Stingel of South Carolina

Paul Hobson

paul.hobson@ubc.caUniversity of British Columbia

Walter Green

walterg@uark.eduUniversity of Arkansas
Louis King louis.king@yale.eduYale University
Max J. Tsaijanq@csufresno.eduCSU Fresno
Luke Tracyltracy@UMICH.EDUUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Glenn RodriguesGlenn.Rodrigues@Colorado.EDU


Lori Tirpak


Oakland University

Daniel Tamirudtt10@GEORGETOWN.EDUGeorgetown University
Mary Stevensstevens3@ILLINOIS.EDU

University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Grant Sayergrant.sayer@MQ.EDU.AU

Macquarie University

Chris Gaschlerchris.gaschler@usask.caUniversity of Saskatchewan
   Jim Dillonjim.dillon@cu.eduUniversity of Colorado



IETF working groups of relevance: (courtesy Tom Barton)

These WGs probably relate to the last mile in an architecture that it sounds like you are thinking of. And until their specs are implemented, you're probably looking at managing last mile access by IP. Yuch, I know, though also applicable to a wide range of use cases.


NTIA activities of relevance: (courtesy Steve Olshansky)


 Request for Comment<> on

the Department of Commerce preliminary "green" paper on the Internet of Things, "Fostering the Advancement of the Internet of Things<>".

All comments have been posted to NTIA's website, found here: