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  • Grouper Call 22 March-2017

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Chris Hyzer, Penn (Chair)
Shilen Patel, Duke
Jim Fox, U. Washington
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2,


Action Items
[AI] (Chris and Bert)  turn action items into JIRAs where appropriate
[AI] (Chris)  upgrade to Apache Tomcat 8
[AI] (Shilen) will work on the graphing of instrumentation data
[AI] (Chris) add skeleton in UI for Shilen to do instrumentation work
[AI] (Chris) work with Jeff Hagley on server issues
[AI] (Bert) Encrypted password in ldaptive
[AI] (Chris)  Regarding GRP 1480, do we need to go through the code and look for hasPrivilege() and change to canHavePrivilege()? In 2.4 we can rename hasPrivilege to hasImmediatePrivilege, add the old back and deprecate