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  • Grouper Call 27 Jan-2017

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A few more items to do on accessibility


Vivek put TIER API in the installer (SCIM server that runs in TOM EE instead of Tomcat, needs different servlet container than the UI) would be good to get to one servlet container. Switch from Tomcat altogether? But we have a lot invested in Tomcat…

Grouper installer can install TOM EE now.  

[AI] (Chris) add TIER API to the Grouper download page and do testin  


Emily: Introduction, put more of a plug to say Grouper is flexible, don’t have to follow hard fast rules about structures


Issue roundup


·         Discuss TIER Grouper deployment guide 

Internet2 Global Summit 2017, 

sign up HERE for TIER F2F on Thursday, April 27 9am-noon 

(Global Summit ends Wed. Please stay through Thursday for TIER F2F)


Tentative time for Grouper BOF at 2017 Global Summit

  •   Tuesday April 25, 2017, Noon - 1pm ET

 Issue roundup

·   Delete loader job when group deleted