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I am pleased to announce the formation of the Performance Working Group for the Internet2 community. The Performance WG will serve
as the place for the community to coordinate efforts and provide input and direction on performance and measurement-related topics.

Just to give some idea of the potential scope of this WG, a few of the immediate topics of discussion might include: defining best
practices for performance analysis methodologies or best practices for performance monitoring. Another immediate focus might be to
specify ways the community (most specifically RONs and Campuses) could leverage the Network Observatory and community developed
performance tools such as perfSONAR to more easily diagnose and detect network performance problems.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Carla Hunt. I am from MCNC/NCREN in North Carolina. I am honored to serve this new
working group as the chairwoman. While I have some ideas for success I would love to share with fellow performance and measurement
enthusiasts, this is a working group for the community by the community. As such, I invite you to join me in writing our charter and
defining our goals.

Please reply if you are interested and I will add you to the performance-wg mailing list where we can continue the conversation.