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In grouper 2.3.0 (unpatched) and previous versions, the subject API was configured with a sources.xml .  This needs to be converted to config overlays in 2.4.0 so Grouper packaging can have defaults and overlays.  Also so the Grouper team can manage internal sources without having to merge with a potentially changed file.


Run the grouperInstaller, admin task, upgradeTasks, convert sources xml to properties

Follow the prompt to identify the location of the sources.xml file

This will generate the file based on your sources.xml edits

Code Block
[appadmin@i2midev1 patchesAuto]$ java -jar grouperInstaller.jar
Do you want to 'install' a new installation of grouper, 'upgrade' an existing installation,
  'patch' an existing installation, 'admin' utilities, or 'createPatch' for Grouper developers
  (enter: 'install', 'upgrade', 'patch', 'admin', 'createPatch' or blank for the default) [install]: admin
What admin action do you want to do (manage, upgradeTask)? : upgradeTask
What upgrade task do you want to do (convertEhcacheXmlToProperties, convertSourcesXmlToProperties)? : convertSourcesXmlToProperties
Note, you need to convert the sources.xml file for each Grouper runtime, e.g. loader, WS, UI.
Note, to use subject sources from, you need to be running Grouper 2.3.0+ with API patch 40 installed.
Enter the location of the sources.xml file: /opt/tomcats/tomcat_f/webapps/grouper_v2_3/WEB-INF/classes/sources.xml
Enter the location of the file [/opt/tomcats/tomcat_f/webapps/grouper_v2_3/WEB-INF/classes/]: 
File was written: /opt/tomcats/tomcat_f/webapps/grouper_v2_3/WEB-INF/classes/
You should archive your sources.xml and remove it from your project since it is now unused:


Sample sources.xml config