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InCommon Steering Committee Minutes - November 7, 2016

Attending: Dennis Cromwell, Pankaj Shah, Ann West, Klara Jelinkova, Michael Gettes, Susan Kelley, Ted Hanss, Dave Vernon, Sean Reynolds

With: Kevin Morooney, Von Welch, Steve Carmody

Action Items

(AI) To better understand the Baseline Expectations impact, Steering asked Ann to document the outreach and education done to date, outline the proposed communication process, and provide an impact analysis that would discuss the number of entities believed to be deficient in one area or other (for instance, still running Shib IdPv2).


The following were approved via Wisegate:

  1. September 26, 2016, minutes
  2. October 10, 2016, minutes
  3. Appointment of Brett Bieber (Univ. of Nebraska) as AAC vice-chair 
  4. Termination of three participants (CourseNetworking, University of Tampa, University of the District of Columbia) 

Feedback on Fee Increase

 InCommon has received very little feedback after the fee increase announcement - just 6-7 inquiries and all but one of those were just asking questions. Ann had a conversation with three people who expressed a concern about the lack of consultation. There were virtually no questions during the sessions at EDUCAUSE (including a poster session, a lunch with 113 attending, and a BoF).

Steering Membership for 2017

The Steering Committee review the nominations for terms starting in January 2017. There was discussion about the type of experience needed, as well as whether there is a need to add an advisor from the sponsored partner or service provider realm. The consensus was to keep the nomination roster as-is and discuss an SP advisor at a later date.

InCommon Incident Handling Process

Earlier this year, Steering approved changes to the FOPP that would allow InCommon latitude in responding to incidents (as the federation operator). At that time, Steering asked the staff to provide a plan and process for incident handling. A draft plan is attached to today’s agenda in the wiki. It has been discussed with Internet2 technical people, the TIER security group, the Big Tech Academic Alliance, and Kim Milford, executive director of REN-ISAC. This is an information item for Steering.

Baseline Expectations

The AAC has developed a set of baseline expectations for operation within the Federation; Ann West  delivered this report on behalf of Chris Spadanuda, AAC chair. In  looking at ways to enhance and improve the overall trust practices in InCommon, the AAC identified a clear gap:  the current method for communicating trust. The current method of organizations publishing POPs (Participant Operating Practices) is not enforced and, further, is not scalable.