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CACTI Charter After the Consultation

Change Proposals and Feedback - We welcome your feedback/suggestions here


NumberCurrent TextProposed Text / Query / SuggestionProposer+1 (add your name here if you agree with the proposal)Action (please leave this column blank)
1Duties of Committee - point 2sp. bounded / bound?Nicole Harris Replaced "time bounded" with "time boxed".
2Duties of Committee - point 3might be helpful to mention that reviewing, participating in consultations and accepting standards from external parties here too.Nicole Harris

Laura Paglione

Lucy Lynch


Modified Duty #3 accordingly.
3Voting and DecisionsAdd a reference to RFC7282 for clarity.Nicole HarrisLucy LynchAdded "IETF" and made it a link.
4MembershipPerhaps not a part of the charter... though it would be helpful to include somewhere how the inagural membership is chosen since subsequent membership is chosen by existing membership. (NOTE: For the inagural membership, it may be helpful to select specific people, perhaps who have already worked in complementary groups like TAC, AAC, TCAG, to help further establish the duties, responsibilities, and expectations as outlined in the charter.)Laura PaglioneLucy Lynch - current text is confusingTo be addressed in communications connected with seeking inaugural membership. Clarified statement on number of terms that may be served.
5MembershipMay help from a transparency perspective to include some information about how "members will be sought" - is this by invitation? via a general call? At the same time of year each time? etc.Laura PaglioneLucy LynchTo be addressed in communications connected with seeking membership. It will be by general call and we expect to establish a regular annual cycle.
6DescriptionWould it be useful to be explicit that this is a volunteer group?Laura Paglione The charter carefully avoids any statement about how a member is available to participate. Generally, we hope that really good people will agree to serve.
7--Congrats, and best wishes in the establishment of this group. Sounds like it will be a great resource.Laura Paglione Thanks! We hope so too.
8Voting and Decision MakingIf, ... "This body officially approves and adopts such standards and processes" (section 3 of Duties), would CACTI then vote for precisely three purposes (adding approval of standards to members and chair)?John Krienke CACTI will use consensus to determine whether a proposed community standard is approved and adopted.
9DescriptionThere is an implied relationship to the VP for T&I (as "Sponsor" in the header), but there is no explicit governance statement about who this body reports to and is chartered by. It might be helpful to mention to whom the advisory role serves and the authority that guides the scope of the standards and priorities of its work items. John KrienkeLucy LynchAdded "chartered by Internet2's Vice President for Trust and Identity" to the Description.
10DutiesI suggest adding a bit more substance to item (2) - spinning up working groups should probably involve more explicit community buy-in. Compared to how IESG does this, there is explicit reference to the consensus process, charter-building, BoF limits etc. The problem is (as REFEDS has learned) that running such a process is a non-trivial undertaking.LeifLucy LynchDuty #3 is to "manage and evolve" several things, including "the processes by which working groups operate". This implicitly refers to the existing Internet2 T&I Guidelines for Trust and Identity Working Group Chairs and Flywheels material, which will be reviewed with your feedback in mind.
11MembershipYou may want additional text bounding the pool for external memberships to avoid conflicts of interest and/or over weighting. A call for international participation would also be in order.Lucy International participation, and weighting indirectly, is addressed in the second paragraph of the Membership section, and will be reiterated in communications connected with seeking membership. Added statement to first Membership paragraph giving Internet2 VP for T&I veto over recommended membership as a mitigation against things going off track somehow.


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