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InCommon Steering Committee Meeting - June 6, 2016

Attending: Klara Jelinkova, Von Welch, Dennis Cromwell, Michael Gettes, Susan Kelley, Sean Reynolds, Steve Carmody, Pankaj Shah, Melissa Woo

With: Dean Woodbeck, Kevin Morooney

Action Items

 (AI) Set up a schedule of joint calls among Steering and the TCIC (Klara, Ann, Kevin) 


 (AI) Cross-share call notes among Steering and TCIC (Dean, Ann)

Global Summit Steering/TCIC Meeting Thoughts

There was a discussion about the shared Steering/TCIC meeting (four hours) at the Internet2 Global Summit. The consensus among Steering is that it is essential that the two groups continue to meet jointly and explore other ways to share communications and priority-setting responsibilities (particularly as we move toward the Internet2 Program Advisory Group concept). InCommon and TIER priorities will be intertwined and should be considered together.


(AI) Schedule extended meeting at TechEx for Steering and TCIC (Klara, Kevin, Dean)

 In the immediate future, Steering meetings will involve reviewing of priorities and services, as well as beginning discussions about raising the InCommon participation fees. The fees discussion will likely begin later this summer, with the target of having a proposal to consider at the Technology Exchange. In combination with this discuss, Steering will need to look at the growth pattern of InCommon, the near-term priorities, the size of the resource gap, and the vision for future growth.

InCommon Operations Review Recommendations

 Steering discussed the seven high-priority recommendations from the InCommon operations review conducted last fall. Committee members asked for additional information, including the dependencies within these seven items, the proposed sequencing of the priorities, and ultimately which are most important.

(AI) Kevin Morooney and Nick Roy will provide additional details on the priorities, as well as dependencies among the items, during the July 11 Steering meeting.

 After the priority-setting conversation, Steering will look at the business model for accomplishing the priorities, given that this will be part of the discussion of a fee increase. 


(AI) Steve (and perhaps other TAC members) will discuss these work items during the August Steering call

 Global Summit Overall Review

  • Overall this was a good meeting for Trust and Identity - a lot of energy
  • Need to provide additional reports for TIER investors - for example, there was talk in a meeting that technical teams reported that they could not upgrade to Shibboleth IdPv3 We need to provide information to the CIOs on what is possible and why it is important
  • We need to provide more high-level information on what the federation does and why it is important - not just telling people it is good for them, but why it is good for them
  • Kevin provided an excellent “InCommon 101” in 4-5 slides during the executive track (in a session with LIGO). There were about 150 people in the room.
  • (AI) Develop ways to communicate “why InC matters,” perhaps by recording the intro session Kevin did during the Global Summit exec track (Kevin, Dean)

July 11, 2016 - 4 pm ET