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Release Notes for Grouper v1.6

Grouper v1.6.3 fixes several issues including a security fix

Grouper v1.6.2 fixes 3 issues


For more information about upcoming plans, see the Grouper+Product+Roadmap.

Improvements & Fixes

UI sorting and paging of memberships

The effective membership list was improved to sort and page correctly

Composite groups and memberships

Ldappc had trouble provisioning include/exclude groups

Grouper UI access control lists

Grouper UI ACL's were straightened out

Ldappc-ng is its own project

Separates lots of jars from main Grouper API

XML Import/Export improvements

XML import/export uses less memory, is faster, and 100% of the Groups Registry is exported and imported.

Many other fixes and improvements were also made to all components of the Grouper Toolkit: Grouper API, Administrative & Lite UIs, Grouper Web Services, Grouper Client, Grouper Shell, Grouper Loader, Ldappc, Ldappc-ng, and the Subject API.

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