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  • Minutes of Assurance Call of 12-Feb-2014

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The scope of the work involves an aggregator that writes failed authentication events to a database that logs the subject, the time, and IP address and a service. The monitor periodically queries this.  Actions will be triggered at a given threshold. So for example, the system might be configured so that after 10K events, email a particular address. The email might go to the subject, or to an another email address such as the security team. Another action that could be triggered might be to generate a ticket to an issue tracking system. End goal is ability to stop asserting an IAQ for someone. There may be the ability to add or remove somebody from a group (such as Grouper group), where removing somebody from the group would effectively remove them from LDAP.  There would be an API into this system for user level and admin operations, such as obtaining current counts for a user. That could be tied into the user identity portal, so it would be possible to show a notification when a user logs in. Obtaining and setting thresholds will be configurable. Benn will send links to keep the Assurance list informed as portions of the work are released publicly.