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In a Progress Report of the Gateway Rollout Working Group, a new Google Gateway infrastructure is described. As of April 2013, the Gateway is integrated with two InCommon service providers: the InCommon Operations Federation Manager (FM) and this Internet2 Spaces Wiki. Below is a series of screen shots that illustrates how a Delegated Administrator is provisioned (via an invitation service) and how that Delegated Administrator subsequently logs into the FM using a Google account.

Standalone documents containing these (and other) screen shots (PPT) (PDF) are attached to this article.

  1. FM Site Administration: landing page for authenticated Site Administrators

  2. FM Site Administration: navigate to Delegated Administration page

  3. FM Site Administration: invite a Delegated Administrator

  4. FM Site Administration: invite a Delegated Administrator: success

  5. Gmail: Delegated Administrator confirms invitation

  6. FM Delegated Administration: login page

  7. FM Delegated Administration: discovery interface

  8. Google: login page

  9. Google: consent page

  10. FM Delegated Administration: landing page for authenticated Delegated Administrators