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  • Integer IDs on Grouper objects

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In Grouper 2.2+ the main Grouper objects in the database (groups, folders, attribute definitions, attribute names) will be assigned unique integers.  These integers can be used, for instance, as UNIX GIDs.


Configure this in the

Code Block = 10000
grouperidIndex.tableIndex.stem.minIndex = 10000
grouperidIndex.tableIndex.attributeDef.minIndex = 10000
grouperidIndex.tableIndex.attributeDefName.minIndex = 10000

# verify that table indexes are set and the pointers are ok, incurs a bit of overhead to grouper startup
grouper.tableIndex.verifyOnStartup = true

# in different circumstances, retrieve a different number of IDs at once.
# if it is a system where the JVM is starting and stopping (e.g. GSH), then
# dont reserve that many at once 
grouper.tableIndex.reserveIdsGsh = 1
grouper.tableIndex.reserveIdsDefault = 10
grouper.tableIndex.reserveIdsLoader = 10
grouper.tableIndex.reserveIdsWs = 10
grouper.tableIndex.reserveIdsUi = 10