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Release Notes for Grouper v1.6

Grouper v1.6.3 fixes several issues including a security fix

Grouper v1.6.2 fixes 3 issues

Grouper v1.6.1 fixes 26 issues including partial XML export.

Grouper v1.6.0 includes more than 60 fixes and improvements over v1.5.3. See the full list.

New Features

Web service enhancements

Web services now support the new attribute and permission frameworks, subject service, new options for existing operations.

Kuali Rice integration

Connector for Kuali Rice to communicate with Grouper, can delegate Group decisions to Grouper and facilitate workflow in Grouper actions.

New Ldappc

A completely new Ldappc, Ldappc-ng, is included in the Grouper Toolkit in addition to the original Ldappc. Ldappc-ng uses SPML for provisioning and builds on Shibboleth's attribute resolver technology. The new attribute framework and permissions can be provisioned to LDAP with Ldappc-ng.

ESB integration

Grouper can provision group and folder information to and read in changes from an ESB using HTTPS or XMPP.

Subject picker

External applications can use the Grouper subject picker UI component to pick people.

Lite UI skinning

Lite UI can look like application that launches it, and can have customized text and instructions.

Flattened memberships

A new, additional flattened memberships table improves notification performance and lays the foundation for further read performance enhancement through the Grouper Toolkit.

For more information about upcoming plans, see the Grouper+Product+Roadmap.

Improvements & Fixes

UI sorting and paging of memberships

The effective membership list was improved to sort and page correctly

Composite groups and memberships

Ldappc had trouble provisioning include/exclude groups

Grouper UI access control lists

Grouper UI ACL's were straightened out

Ldappc-ng is its own project

Separates lots of jars from main Grouper API

XML Import/Export improvements

XML import/export uses less memory, is faster, and 100% of the Groups Registry is exported and imported.

Many other fixes and improvements were also made to all components of the Grouper Toolkit: Grouper API, Administrative & Lite UIs, Grouper Web Services, Grouper Client, Grouper Shell, Grouper Loader, Ldappc, Ldappc-ng, and the Subject API.

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v1.6 Upgrade Instructions from v1.5.*
v1.6 Upgrade Instructions from v1.5.*