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This wiki space is primarily for the use of InCommon and Stewards' staff members who are directly involved in the creation and operation of the Steward Program, which intends to extend the benefits of federation to K-12 schools and community colleges through partnerships with regional R&E network providers.  There are, however, a few items that may be of more general interest.

A In 2017, a proof of concept of the Steward Program was conducted in partnership with MCNC to MCNC to test assumptions about benefits, challenges and costs of the program. InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides the research and education identity trust network in the U.S. MCNC is North Carolina’s regional network provider for research and education. In June, the  The team summarized the results of the proof of concept and report reported back to the community with next steps for the program. We also provided brief monthly updates during the proof of concept in the InCommon Steward Blog.  (See above.)

Information for Stewards (Restricted Access)

Information for Regionals Considering Joining the Program