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Comment: Clarified qualified higher education institutions

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to progress, Internet2 is working closely with Zoom to continue providing services and products to our community. Across the portfolio of Internet2 services, we are actively monitoring the situation and will provide updates periodically on our website. Updates are available at:

We recognize the challenges campuses are facing and the urgent need to deploy Zoom to allow remote classrooms while continuing to support staff and faculty working, collaborating and communicating.

We want to take a few minutes to answer some frequently asked questions related to the NET+ Zoom program and delivery of Zoom over the Internet2 network.

Will network peering with Zoom be able to handle additional capacity if higher education institutions move online?

Internet2 will maintain network connectivity and work hand-in-hand with regional network partners, the Indiana Global NOC and key suppliers to maintain resources and adjust to circumstances as needs emerge in the community.  We have verified headroom in our connections to collaboration tools (e.g. Zoom, Webex, course management services) to assure communications are fully functional, are increasing threshold alarming and have reviewed plans to address capacity if there are unexpected usage swings between our network, campuses and the commercial internet. 

For Zoom specifically, Internet2 has multiple points of presence with Zoom and we work to monitor capacity on an ongoing basis. Those connections currently have adequate headroom and we have contacted Zoom to discuss augmenting.  

Please note that home user traffic, connections outside of campus networks, will depend on the use of VPNs and the VPN split tunneling configuration. If users are using VPNs that direct all of their traffic through a campus, then we will potentially see that Zoom traffic on the Internet2 network. If the home users are not using a VPN or the VPN is configured with split tunneling (only traffic with campus directed through VPN), then the Zoom traffic will take the user over commodity Internet paths from the home to Zoom. 

How do I sign up for NET+ Zoom program or expand my service as an existing subscriber?

The NET+ Zoom Program is available to all Internet2 members and qualified higher education institutions (Not-for-profit higher education institutions whose main campuses are located in the United States).

  • If you are new to the NET+ Zoom program, you will need to obtain a quote directly from a Zoom Account Executive. Note: You will need to specifically ask for the NET+ Zoom Agreement to ensure that you are getting the NET+ terms and pricing. If you have any questions about the program, pricing or don’t know who your Zoom Account Manager is, contact Quyen Vaillant at
  • For existing NET+ Zoom participants, your Zoom Account Manager can help you with any changes to your existing subscriptions, including upgrades or expanding licenses. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Quyen Vaillant at

Can I get a copy of the NET+ Zoom Agreement and Pricing for review?

Yes. Please reach out to with your request.