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  1. This is a non-core plugin, see Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins for more information.
  2. Set up a midPoint installation.
    1. Specifics are beyond the scope of this document.
    2. The plugin was developed with the Dockerized midPoint simple demo.
  3. Define a new Server in Registry.
    1. Servers > Add a New Server
      1. Type : HTTP
    2. Configure the Server as follows
      1. Server URL : midPoint REST API URL, for example
      2. Username : username of appropriately privileged midPoint user (default is Administrator)
      3. Password : password of appropriately privileged midPoint user (default is 5ecr3t)
  4. Configure a new Provisioning Target in Registry.
    1. Configuration > Provisioning Targets > Add Provisioning Target
      1. Plugin: MidPointProvisioner
      2. On the next page, select the Server created in the previous step, as well as the identifier type that will be used as the person's midPoint username.

Attribute Mapping

generated CNfullName
primary given name



primary family name


primary middle nameadditionalName
primary honorifichonorificPrefix
primary suffixhonorificSuffix
first mail addressemailAddress

References :

midPoint common schema 


midPoint UserType 

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