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TAC Meeting 2017-07-06

Thursday, July 06, 2017
1:00pm ET | 12:00pm CT | 11:00am MT | 10:00am PT

Connection Information


Pre-Read Materials

  1. Review any action items for you, documented below, and make sure you complete them or update status appropriately

  2. Check yourself into the running minutes attendance list

  3. Review/approve TAC minutes from 2017.06.22


  1. NOTE WELL: All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework

  2. Reminder: TAC minutes are public documents, please let the TAC and note taker know if you plan to discuss something of a sensitive nature

  3. Information Items

    1. Ops Update 2017-07-06 (Tom S) (10 min) 

    2. T&I Update (Ann) (5 min)
    3. FM Release Update (Nick) (5 min)
  4. 2018 Nomination Process (Mark) (just an update on the final schedule)

  5. WG Spin-Up (Mark) (20 min)

    1. Status update on OIDC WG (Steven) (announced 7/3 to participants, technical-discuss)

    2. All WG announcements have gone to technical-discuss

    3. Information only: Janemarie working with Emily to add co-chair information to I2 T&I WG process docs

    4. Discovery 2.0 - if we want something in new Shib SP scheduled for end-of-2017 we have to spin this up faster than TechEx

      1. Should we push one or more WGs to the back burner in order to prioritize this?

      2. Do we think we could even get what is needed done in time for Shib SP release, even if we started now?

      3. AI: ScottC to send note to REFEDS about the problem ahead of the July 12 REFEDS-SC call

  6. IdPaaS (JimJ) (20 min)

    1. Steve C's suggested FAQ on cloud IdP recommendations - see thread on the TAC list

      1. Any volunteers to develop a FAQ?
  7. Any Other Business

Action Items from Past Meetings

[AI]  Eric to start discussion thread on how to handle term endings.  Janemarie will start a google doc with some of the summary/thinking so far, share with Eric. DONE


(AI) Ann or Kevin talk with Klaas Weirenga from GÉANT about a presentation to TAC meeting concerning their T&I roadmap for, say, the next 3 years? <= Deferred to August


Members Attending: Mike Grady, Jim Jokl, Eric Goodman, Mark Scheible, Tom Barton, Steve Carmody, Kim Milford, Albert Wu

With: Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, Ian Young, Tom Scavo, Ann West, IJ Kim, Steve Zoppi, Paul Caskey

Action Items

(AI) TAC should review the IdP strategy document (

(AI) TAC should review the information for IdPs on the wiki and consider useful additions and revisions.

Ops Update


Standby Metadata Server Move - The standby metadata server is moving from Indiana to the data center in Los Angeles. The LA server has been deployed. Ops is working on a deployment plan on the move, including communications to inc-ops-notifications. Transition should be complete mid-August

Trust and Identity Updates

  • Architects meeting in Denver in two weeks

  • New project manager Erin Murtha has started

  • Have hired new DevOps and Security staff members - announcements forthcoming

FM Update

  • Had planned a release end of this week or early next week. The first visual evidence to customers. Because of the non-unique index issue, the release is delayed (probably two weeks to an FM release).

  • Future release will allow some self service (such as execs maintaining their site admins/roles) and other changes

2018 Nominations Process

Working Groups

  • Announcements have gone to technical-discuss

  • Discovery 2.0 - REFEDS steering meeting will meet July 12 concerning this year’s work plan and is expected to discuss Discovery 2.0. Should REFEDS create a working group, InCommon should participate in that. There is some urgency if something is to be done in conjunction with the next Shibboeth SP release (which will be end of the year)

  • There was discussion of the RA21 project, which is addressing the same general issue. There is a pilot planned (Leif is the contact person). is the website

IdP as a Service

The topic of potentially providing IdP as a Service came up on the TIER Packaging Working Group call, as they discussed making Shibboleth easier and developing a GUI for Shib. This seems to be a better fit with InCommon. Several ideas/issues were discussed:


(AI) TAC should review the information for IdPs on the wiki and consider useful additions and revisions.

Next Meeting - July 20 - 1 pm ET