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# these are properties to add to
# group duo admin domain name credentials
grouperDuo.adminIntegrationKey = 
grouperDuo.adminSecretKey = 
grouperDuo.adminDomainName =  

# put groups in here which go to duo, the name in duo will be the extension here = a:b:c

# put the comma separated list of sources to send to duo
grouperDuo.sourcesForSubjects = someSource

# either have id for subject id or an attribute for the duo username (e.g. netId)
grouperDuo.subjectAttributeForDuoUsername = id

#quartz cron-like schedule for daily duo full sync, the default is 7am every day: 0 0 5 * * ? 
#blank for dont schedule
grouperDuo.daemonCron = 0 0 5 * * ? 

# set to true to not run daemons here
grouperDuo.dontRunDaemonsHere = false

# if this is run in a cluster and should only run on certain nodes, set the name(s) here (from hostname command)
grouperDuo.runOnlyOnServerNames =

# is grouper the true system of record, delete duo groups which dont exist in grouper
grouperDuo.deleteGroupsInDuoWhichArentInGrouper = true

# configure the duo change log consumer
changeLog.consumer.duo.class = edu.internet2.middleware.grouperDuo.GrouperDuoChangeLogConsumer

#the quartz cron is a cron-like string.  it defaults to every minute on the minute (since the temp to change log job runs
#at 10 seconds to each minute).  it defaults to this: 0 * * * * ?
#though it will stagger each one by 2 seconds
changeLog.consumer.duo.quartzCron = 

# Schedule full refresh
otherJob.duo.class = edu.internet2.middleware.grouperDuo.GrouperDuoFullRefresh
otherJob.duo.quartzCron = 0 0 5 * * ?



This runs in the loader.  Get the grouper-misc/grouper-duo project.  Build (or download 2.1.5, 2.2.2) the jar for the grouper duo source.  Add in the duo client jars (4 of them).  Configure the  Note, the Duo client runs in Java7+.