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Enterprise Workflow - working groups forming

There is now an Enterprise Workflow starting page on the wiki.

Enterprise Workflow has come to the top of the agenda. ITANA will be talking about future action items in the upcoming conference call. See Conference Calls for more information to see what is on the next call's agenda.

Screen2Screen Session Archives:

Archives of the session and slides for both Screen2Screens are now available.

The summary and archives for the Enterprise Authorization and Kuali on Campus Scree2Screen Sessions have been posted here: Screen2Screen

ITANA is a professional organization of I.T. Architects (Enterprise Architects, Infrastructure Architects et al) who work in higher education. This group is focused on:

  • professional development
  • tools and tricks of the trade
  • forming working groups on topics of interest
  • producing common frameworks, diagrams, whitepapers
  • increasing the understanding about the role of architects in the enterprise and
  • providing support and outreach

You can see our charter here:ITANA Charter.  For more information about how to join ITANA, see our document here: How To Join ITANA.  IMPORTANT: Please Join the Educause CG to take part in the email discussions and to get the news and hear about upcoming events.

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Next Conference Call:

Excerpt Include
itana:Conference Calls
itana:Conference Calls

Agenda under Conference Calls

Enterprise Workflow - working groups forming.

See the announcement at the web site

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