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TAC Meeting 2014-10-02

Attending: Steve Carmody, Ian Young, Nick Roy, Chris Misra, Jim Jokl, Scott Cantor, Keith Hazelton, Jim Basney, Steve Olshansky

With: John Krienke, Nate Klingenstein, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Joe St Sauver

SHA-2 Update

Joe St Sauver gave an update of the certificate service move to SHA2

  • SHA2 deployed for SSL/TLS
  • Some issues with the way Microsoft interprets SHA 512 intermediate certs, so using SHA 384.
  • Activated for client certs
  • Comoto working on activation for extended validation certs
  • Code-signing certs – can have either SHA1 or SHA2 but not both. Moving to SHA2; those needing SHA1 can obtain by asking Comodo for an exception

R&S Survey

A survey was sent to site admins and execs regarding use/potential use of R&S and deployment of global R&S. Tom Scavo presented the results to date and is working to analyzing those and responses to open-ended questions.


There was a discussion about TIER – specifically about two documents linked from the agenda:


TAC members are encouraged to send questions and comments to the TIER architects list to spur discussion.


Steering has developed an eduGAIN working group. Steve Carmody and Warren Anderson have joined to represent the technical side. There is a punch list that will include items for TAC to discuss.

Next Meeting – October 16, 2014

2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / Noon MT / 11 am Pt