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  • September 27, 2013

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  • Action Items
    • Eric will edit the Cookbook this weekend to reflect today's discussion. This will be the version that is distributed on Monday if there are no comments.
    • Every should review Eric's edits Sunday evening or by noon EDT on Monday morning EDT.
    • Ann will forward the document for review Monday afternoon EDT.
  • addresses non-IdP applications, in particular many MS applications.  We'll mention them in our interpretation but not provide mitigation or management assertions, as they're out of scope of AD DS.
  • Authentication Secret, Authentication Credential and IdP will be added to the Glossary.
  • Text that has been lined out will be removed.
  • The interpretation for IAP between sections 3.1 (protection at rest) and 3.2 (protection in transit)
  • When we don't say how to do something, we'll say that we don't know how (and add to MS questions).
  • Change "Compensating Controls and Alternate Means Statements" to "Management Controls"
  • Remove SHA1 references, except at beginning.  Refer from there to current NIST draft.
  • Note: The list of issues above may not align completely with Eric's notes.  Eric's notes will be authoritative as he does this weekend's editing.