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Use Case C1: Attribute aggregation with single sign-on



The InCommon-Student group is acting as the higher ed consciousness for this group. They have been posting use cases that would require attributed aggregation here:   InCommon-Student use stories

We have a general diagram and description of a attribute aggregation use case here:  Use Case C1

#1: Inter-Application data request: Test Scores
Cathy wants to apply to Penn State as an undergraduate. She opens a web browser and surfs to the Penn State Admissions site. Clicking on Apply Online, she sees a login screen and clicks on Use Your CommIT Credentials. Cathy’s browser loads the application with a “Welcome Cathy” in the upper right corner. She then clicks on  Provide Demographic Information and her name, address and related contacted information are populated in the form. (She had given prior approval to the CommIT Collaborative to share that information only upon her request.)
Cathy now scrolls to the academic credential section of the form. She notices instructions of “Click on the tests you would like to include in your application” and adds a check mark next to SAT, ACT, and AP History and AP Chemistry tests, but there’s no place to add her scores.  She then clicks on “Check for scores.” Penn State checks what test scores are on file from the source organizations and prompts her with a window that says:
We have your SAT, AP History and AP Chemistry scores on file. Should we go get your ACT score now? You can always do this later, if you’d like to finish the rest of your application now.
Cathy thinks for a moment and decides to get this part finished now and clicks on “YES. Get my ACT score.”  Because her federated CommIT Credentials are accepted by ACT, Cathy next sees a page on the ACT site that contains a question “Send your ACT score to Penn State now”? Cathy clicks YES and is prompted with a window: “ACT will send your score of 31 to Penn State now. You have 1 score request left in your 5 score pack. Shall we send future scores to Penn State on your behalf?” Cathy clicks YES and then NEXT and is sent back to the Penn State Application. She notices that the application now displays the verified ACT score (and verified SAT and AP scores).

Use Case C1

When a student logs in to a service provider using their system credentials, they are initially directed to the system to perform authn duties. The system will verify the user's identity and return their unique identifier. The service provider will then take the unique identifier to the local identity provider, where additional 'enriched' attributes can be found.