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The current working branch for June November 2019 training is "201906201911".

This branch is automatically built on every commit and pushed to dockerhub, with the branch name appended to the image tags.


  1. create a feature branch off of 201906 201911 (eg. 201906201911-201-updates).
  2. update ./gte line 12 with your branch name (eg. replace "201906201911" with "201906201911-201-updates").
  3. make local chances to exercises and content
  4. run ./ in whatever ex### directory you are working in. this will create docker images based on your branch name
  5. run ./ (this starts rabbitmq, and can be left running. it is required for the ./gte command to work)
  6. run ./gte 201.1.1 (this will start the correct local version based on your branch name and link to rabbitmq)
  7. test/review changes at https://localhost:8443/grouper
  8. push local commits/branch to github
  9. Merge changes in to 201906 into 201911 when completed.
    1. Log into github and go to "Branches"
    2. Choose "New pull request" on your feature branch
    3. Make sure to update base: master to base: 201906201911
    4. Add comment and choose "Create pull request" underneath comment section
    5. Choose "Merge pull request"
    6. Choose "Confirm Merge"
    7. Choose "Delete Branch" if done with feature branch.