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Gliffy Diagram

Zoom standards

  1. Make a recurring meeting starting 5am on start day for 24 hours, recurring for the number of days the training is
  2. Meeting should have a 6 digit numeric password
  3. Do not post links for the zoom coordinates except in private locations like meeting requests and slack pins
  4. For alternative hosts list

    Code Block,,,

  5. Video on for hosts and participants
  6. Enable join before host
  7. Mute participants on entry
  8. Disable waiting room
  9. Do not require authenticated participants
  10. Record meeting automatically in the cloud
  11. Slack the link with password, meeting id, and password to Erin (or whoever is managing the pins)
  12. For the June training, ChrisHy is Main meeting, Bill is breakout #1, ChrisHu is breakout #2, Emily is breakout #3

Example pin of zoom (not actual links, those are in pin in slack)


Zoom Coordinates:

Dial by Phone: +1 312 626 6799 or +1 646 558 8656 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 253 215 8782

Meeting ID: 920 7123 7697
Password: 851808

Meeting ID: 920 123 3456
Password: 174356

Meeting ID: 920 123 3456
Password: 174356

Meeting ID: 920 123 3456
Password: 174356

Kahoot standards

  1. Use the Grouper Training folder
  2. For courses, use a section folder (e.g. 101)
  3. For quizzes, name with this convention: GTE 101.1: Grouper Basics
  4. Do not list answers in slides
  5. Do keep the questions in slides (in case Kahoot goes away)
  6. Its not clear how to mute Kahoot.  Right click on tab in browser and "mute site" e.g. in chrome
  7. During the training, trainers should not take the quiz, as it will skew the results

Hands on copy/paste standards

  1. For a course, make a hands on wiki under this page
  2. Each thing to copy paste should be in a code block
  3. For each slide that has something to copy/paste, link the first word to that course's copy/paste wiki

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GTE development

Google doc with to do's: Include Page


The current working branch for June November 2019 training is "201906201911".

This branch is automatically built on every commit and pushed to dockerhub, with the branch name appended to the image tags.


  1. create a feature branch off of 201906 201911 (eg. 201906201911-201-updates).
  2. update ./gte line 12 with your branch name (eg. replace "201906201911" with "201906201911-201-updates").
  3. make local chances to exercises and content
  4. run ./ in whatever ex### directory you are working in. this will create docker images based on your branch name
  5. run ./ (this starts rabbitmq, and can be left running. it is required for the ./gte command to work)run ./gte 201.1.1 (this will start the correct local version based on your branch name and link to rabbitmq)
  6. test/review changes at https://localhost:8443/grouper
  7. push local commits/branch to github
  8. Merge changes in to 201906 into needed branch when completed.
    1. Log into github and go to "Branches"
    2. Choose "New pull request" on your feature branch
    3. Make sure to update base: master to base: 201906201911
    4. Add comment and choose "Create pull request" underneath comment section
    5. Choose "Merge pull request"
    6. Choose "Confirm Merge"
    7. Choose "Delete Branch" if done with feature branch.


Command Line Jumpstart for the GTE commands

Grouper email list: grouper-2019-06 at internet2 dot edu

Code Block
gte $ git clone
grouper_training $ git checkout 201906
grouper_training $ ./

Google drive for slides:


Folder for pres:

Dec 2019 Temple training notes: