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This is a list of those who have served on the InCommon TAC, either currently or in the past. Click on a column heading to sort.

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Organization (when on TAC)

Carmody, SteveBrown University
Cantor, ScottThe Ohio State University
Shuey, ReneeThe Pennsylvania State University
Gettes, MichaelCarnegie Mellon Univ, Penn State
Morgan, R.L. BobUniversity of Washington
Klingenstein, KenInternet2
Barton, TomUniversity of Chicago
Hazelton, KeithUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Scheible, MarkMCNC
Duh, JanemarieLafayette College
Walker, DavidUniversity of California President's Office, UC-Davis
Hoehn, WalterUniversity of Memphis, University of Tennessee
Goodman, EricUniversity of California President's Office
Misra, ChrisUniversity of Massachusetts - Amherst
Mitchell, TomGENI Project
Wessel, KeithUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Wu, AlbertUniversity of California - Los Angels
Milford, KimREN-ISAC
Jokl, JimUniversity of Virginia
Grady, MikeUnicon
Young, IanU.K. Access Management Federation
Olshansky, SteveThe Internet Society
Roy, NickUniversity of Iowa, The Pennsylvania State University
Caskey, PaulUniversity of Texas System
LaHaye, MikeInternet2