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Rev. 5-May-2006

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Grouper v1.0
Software release: [31-May-2006]

The Internet2 GrouperWG team is pleased to announce the availability of Grouper v1.0. This is the first production-level release of the Grouper software. The audience for this release is the Grouper Working Group, early Grouper adopters, and the general Higher Ed community.

Grouper-QuickStart v1.0 tarball

Designed to get a working demo up and running quickly. Contains the Grouper components, a demo database, a database engine, and setup instructions. Just add Tomcat and stir...
Grouper API v1.0 tarball
Contains the full source for the Grouper Application Program Interface.
Grouper UI v1.0 tarball
Contains the full source for the Grouper User Interface.

For a complete listing of changes for Grouper's current v1.0 and previous releases, read:

Grouper v1.0 is the first major release that satisfies the requirements of a production level privileges management system. For an explanation of Grouper specific terms and definitions, see the Glossary. For detailed information regarding the deployment of Grouper, refer to the System Administration section of the main Documentation page.

If you're interested...

NOTE WELL: All Internet2 Activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.


If you have a question about the Grouper software, you may contact us.