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  • The blockchain industry is a catalyst for change
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As with many industries in times past, the blockchain industry has proven to struggle with the issue of gender equality in the field. As has proven to be true with other financial and technology industries, the early days of implementation were driven largely by men. In fact, the early days of blockchain and cryptocurrency development were powered by hackers, coders, and tech-savvy individuals that were almost all men.

Even ten years after the technology began to surface, the origins of blockchain and cryptocurrency lie in technology and finance – and both are areas that continue to struggle with evolving to become more equal in their gender (and colour and race) representation. Currently, around five percent of enthusiasts for the industry are women. This percentage includes the casually-intrigued, investors, developers, and founders. This is a shockingly low percentage, and the potential for impact at the hands of women cannot be overlooked.

What revolution has the Blockchain brought for women?

The blockchain industry provides women with the opportunity to engage, play, and win in a technology process like never before. The gender gap in the blockchain industry is finally beginning to close, as women show increasing interest and desire to be a part of the tech-driven revolution.

Generally speaking, there are more women in the blockchain industry than in the technology sector but even so, there is undeniably still a diversity issue in the industry. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are set to become one of – if not the – largest technologies to eve be introduced and implemented in the world. As the industry continues to propel itself onward and upward, it has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion that the tech industry has always had a lack of women at its core.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are both strongly forged by coders. The coding profession has quite often been dominated by the men that have interest in the industry. Even women with the strongest of skills and the keenest of interest are driven to feel, for the most part, either daunted by being some of the first to step into a field dominated by their male counterparts, or unconfident in their own skills due to the male-dominated mentality that has existed in the blockchain industry since the dawn of its implementation.

Women have just as much of a keen interest in the blockchain industry than men do, and yet the field is dominated by males. Thankfully that is all changing now, as more women show an interest in field. There are many women advising and driving company development in the blockchain industry, and there is room for many more to join them. The male-oriented mentality of the industry is set to be blown into the stratosphere as more women take their place alongside the talented men to drive blockchain ever-higher, with a more equal playing field in the professional diversity behind the technology.

Are the women catalyst drivers for the change?

With continuous innovations in the blockchain industry, the industry has nowhere to go but up. The telegram channels like blockchain whispers have experienced an incredible 8/8 accuracy in their alt-coin signals, providing free crypto telegram signals to the users. As more companies and applications join in the revolution, and more interest in the long-term shelf life of tech based on blockchain also growing, the landscape of blockchain is increasingly requiring more and more attention.

With more and more women entering the workforce with blockchain as their chosen profession, the blockchain industry could improve and evolve tenfold, and ultimately the tech industry will inevitably benefit from the gender inequality gap closing.  

There is no sense in denying that the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies would not be where it is without the men that pioneered the tech in its initial stages, but there also must be a drive for change so that the women professionals can step into the industry confident and ready to be the drivers of catalyst for change.

As with any industry, if the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are only represented by men, then the industry is only using half of its potential power – that cuts the prospective potential for the technology to soar in half. By including more women in the profession – as has thankfully begun to happen – both the blockchain and the cryptocurrency technologies are able to make a more profound, lasting impact on the word. It is an exciting time for technology. It is an exciting time for the world.

The blockchain industry has begun to revolutionise the modern economy and as such, has changed the way that we interact with technologies – in particular, cryptocurrencies. Like many industries of the past and present, the blockchain industry is dominated by male professionals. The largest gender inequality comparison was the industry, and even that is still struggling to even out the professional playing field.


Thankfully, blockchain technology is changing the game, as more and more women show keen interest and dive into the industry, eager to make their mark and impress their skills upon the latest technological revolution. The blockchain industry is set to become an evolution driven in (roughly) equal part by women and their male counterparts. It is just one way that the industry is changing the world, and it is by far one of the most positive and promising ways in which it is doing so.

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