Social Identity Working Group at 2012 FMM

Thursday, Oct 4, 2012
7:30  - 8:30 a.m.
Location: Freedom F

Session Information

Proposed Agenda

- Welcome - Steven Carmody and Keith Hazelton

- Review Internet2 Intellectual Property Rights

- Agenda Bash

- Status Update with Demo on Test Social2SAML Gateway - Paul Caskey

  • 15 minutes - Paul giving an inside look @ the tech
  • We could have an interesting panel on how you meet Research CI needs.

- EU participation

  • Paul received email from David Simonsen & Mads Petersen, who are interested (they have an informal group looking at this)
  • Niels van Dijk and Dick Visser have made important contributions on the mailing list

- Deployment Models

  1. Federation-level shared service
    • hosted by InCommon Operations, a Participant institution, or a contracted 3rd party
  2. Institution-level shared service
    • hosted by central IT, a school or college, a department, or a campus-based VO
  3. Entity-level service
    • hosted per-SP using native SP backdoor or simpleSAMLphp or something else

- Implementation Models

  1. lightweight, stateless, passthru gateway
    • easiest to support but may have legal implications
  2. gateway with account linking
    • social identity linked to some Federation identity
  3. Gateway as a Service
    • each campus manages its own gateway instance "in the cloud"

- Policy around Gateways as SP proxies from PoV of social IdPs

- Future Work for SocialIdentity

- Questions / Comments

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