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These are the "axes of the discussion" that will help guide future calls. Do we have the right set of questions and topics? What are we missing?

Keep in mind the charter for this group and what we would like to keep out of scope (for now).

1) What is the status of SAML software for consuming per-entity metadata, now and future?

(Survey vehicle at

2) What is the status of software/approaches/frameworks for serving per-entity metadata?

3) What are the risks for a per-entity metadata service and the possible mitigations?

4) What are the requirements for a per-entity metadata service?

5) What questions need to be raised now about IdP discovery for SPs?

6) What are the intermediate milestones along path to ubiquitous per-entity metadata?

  1. What steps/processes will be necessary for IdP and SP operators to trust a per-entity metadata service?

  2. What skill sets and effort will be required for a federation operator to deploy 24 by 7 by 365 service?

    1. By role? Not only for federation operators.

7) How will consumers aggregate across more than one per-entity metadata service?

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