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Community Review

This consultation on the Per-Entity Metadata Working Group Final Report is closed. The community review was from November 21, 2016 through December 5, 2016.

Document for review/consultation

For more information about the working group, please see the Per-Entity Metadata Working Group wiki space.

Change Proposals and Feedback - We welcome your feedback/suggestions here

If you have comments that do not lend themselves well to the tabular format below, please create a new Google doc and link to it in the suggestion section below.


Current Text
Proposed Text / Query / Suggestion
+1 (add your name here if you agree with the proposal)
Action (please leave this column blank)
1 Clarify options for sites not using Shibboleth or SimpleSAMLphpTom Barton Add clarification to the roadmap. See Clarify options for sites not using Shibboleth or SimpleSAMLphp for more details.

Comments on the Final Report of the Per-Entity Metadata Working Group

Tom Scavo (InCommon/Internet2) 

The comments were discussed with Tom in a working group call, and the report was modified to address the issues.

3Discussion of IdP 3.0.0 supportSince this report is coming out after V3.3.0 was released, maybe we should revise to reflect that as current state?Scott Cantor+1 Tom Scavo (see this list of Shibboleth mentions in the report)The report was modified to reflect the current state of Shibboleth development.
4 Use of per-entity metadata in conjunction with AD FSAllen Hudson (University of Rio Grande) The report was modified to reflect ADFS's partial support for MDQ.
5 Comments on the Per-Entity Working Group report from Michael GettesMichael Gettes The report was modified to address the comments, with the following exception of issue #10. While the group felt that the role of metadata distribution within InCommon's overall business strategy is an important issue that should be addressed, it is out of scope for this report.


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