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Per-Entity Metadata Working Group - 2016-10-12
Agenda and Notes

[Etherpad used to create these notes: Agenda_and_Notes_-_2016-10-12.etherpad]

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  • David Walker, InCommon/Internet2
  • Ian Young
  • Scott Cantor, tOSU
  • Tommy Doan, Southern Methodist University
  • Michael Domingues, University of Iowa
  • Rhys Smith, Jisc
  • Nick Roy, InCommon/Internet2
  • Tom Scavo, InCommon/Internet2
  • Tom Mitchell, GENI
  • IJ Kim, Internet2
  • Walter Hoehn, Memphis
  • John Kazmerzak, University of Iowa
  • Phil Pishioneri, Penn State
  • Paul Caskey, Internet2

Agenda and Notes

  1. NOTE WELL: All Internet2 Activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework. -
  2. NOTE WELL: The call is being recorded.
  3. Agenda bash
  4. Finalizing our report -
    1. Please add comments and suggested edits for discussion during the call.  Please use "suggesting" mode, unless you are correcting grammar, punctuation, etc.
    2. (Notes were added as comments in the document.)
    3. CDNs / SAMLbits
      1. Community-based SAMLbits good in long term, but (lack of) governance argues for something else in short term.
      2. CDNs are designed for access by browsers, not really for creating high-availability, high-performance infrastructures like we're doing.
      3. MDQ is new; probably don't want to introduce new CDN at same time.
      4. Add a recommendation to analyze and monitor costs in real world.
    4. The "publishing "pipeline" diagram
      1. Change to process flow format.
      2. TomS will revise and integrate into introduction for section 7.  Also add an appendix to describe existing infrastructure.
    5. David will review document overall to make sure we're saying things in the right sections (risks / mitigations / requirements).


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