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Per-Entity Metadata Working Group - 2016-07-13
Agenda and Notes

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  • David Walker, InCommon/Internet2
  • Scott Koranda, LIGO
  • Nick Roy, InCommon/Internet2
  • Michael Domingues, University of Iowa
  • Tommy Doan, Southern Methodist University
  • Tom Mitchell, GENI
  • Paul Engle, Rice U
  • Rhys Smith, Jisc/UK federation
  • John Kazmerzak, University of Iowa
  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE - Canadian Access Federation (CAF) operator and lead dev on IdP-Installer, a tool to automatically deploy & configure IdPs ( )
  • Kevin Morooney, InCommon/Internet2 (only for the first half)
  • Lukas Hämmerle, SWITCH
  • Ann West, InCommon/Internet2  (also, first half)
  • Tom Scavo, Operations Manager, InCommon


  1. Welcome and thank you
  2. NOTE WELL: All Internet2 Activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework. -
  3. Agenda bash
  4. Quick review of the working group charter (
    1. Queries on other than entityID are out of scope per the charter.  Examples would be queries on common name or entity attributes like R&S.
    2. We want to make recommendations that utilize current software and protocols.
    3. Discovery is an important problem.  The problem can't be ignored for long.  We'll likely include a call for another group to address this in our report.
    4. (Discussion of adding some commercial participants to this group, e.g., Ping, Microsoft.)
  5. Roles you bring to the conversation? IdP operator? SP operator? Fed operator? 
    1. Interesting note from Michael Domingues that U. Iowa's cloud-based SPs are particularly having challenges with loading the large InCommon aggregate, to the point where one service couldn't yet be integrated.
    2. Chris Phillips mentioned that we need to keep this simple for the general public.  Complexity should be "under the hood."
  6. Review the axes of discussion. Are these the right axes? What are we missing?:
    1. What is the status of SAML software for consuming per-entity metadata, now and future?
      1. (Possible survey vehicle at
    2. What is the status of software/approaches/frameworks for serving per-entity metadata?
    3. What are the risks for a per-entity metadata service and the possible mitigations?
    4. What are the requirements for a per-entity metadata service?
    5. What questions need to be raised now about IdP discovery for SPs?
    6. What are the intermediate milestones along path to ubiquitous per-entity metadata?
    7. What steps/processes will be necessary for IdP and SP operators to trust a per-entity metadata service?
    8. What skill sets and effort will be required for a federation operator to deploy 24 by 7 by 365 service?
      1. By role? Not only for federation operators.
    9. How will consumers aggregate across more than one per-entity metadata service?
  7. Invitations/Conscription for specific inputs for future calls (Nick/Tom today if time):
    1. The MDQ protocol draft (Ian Young?) (
    2. Recap of InCommon per-entity metadata activities to date (Nick/Tom)
      1. Existence of MDQ-beta service and possibility of use for a renewed proof-of-concept
      2. Draft of an internal (to InCommon) proposal for a per-entity metadata service architecture:
    3. UK fed MDQ roadmap (Rhys Smith)
    4. If people have ideas for other projects, tools, etc. that are relevant for us to hear about, please add them here, send to Scott, David, or the list.
  8. Next call is July 20, 2016 @ 10:00 AM (America/New York)
    1. We'll continue with items 6 and 7.

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