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NTAC Peering
September 15, 2009
In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Steve Corbato, David Crowe, Caren Litvanyi, Darrell Newcomb, Bill Owens, Linda Roos, Steve Wallace
1.    Update from Internet2 on peering
2.    Obama event traffic
3.    CPS/TR Meeting
Meeting Notes
1.    Update from Internet2 on peering
Caren mentioned that, during the past month, efforts have been concentrated on moving to PNIs in Ashburn.  PNWGP has completed cross connect for a peer.
2.    Obama event traffic primarily uses Akamai for their live streaming.  We have been working on getting on a PNI in Ashburn for that traffic although that had not been completed in time for the event.  There was about 2-2.5G of additional traffic in Ashburn during the event.  Traffic was shifted to NY and Chicago for the event to accommodate the additional load.  No reports of problems were received during the speech and the traffic returned to normal quickly after the event was completed.
3.    CPS/TR Meeting
Dave Reese (CENIC), Darrell Newcomb (CENIC), David Sims (PNWGP), Matt Davy (GRNOC), Caren Litvanyi (GRNOC), Chris Robb (Internet2), Rob Vietzke (Internet2), Steve Wallace (Internet2), Jeff Bartig (NTAC Peering rep) met on September 3, 2009 to discuss the possible architectures for combined CPS/TR network and ways to create a smooth transition as well as to grow the network in the future. A new AS will be used by the combined service.  Engineering and daily operations for the combined service will be managed by CENIC and the GNOC would be the single point of contact for the community.  Steve Wallace is working on an architecture document for the topology of the combined service and it will be completed soon (it is awaiting review by those attending the meeting).  This document is targeted for a technical audience. When the technical document has been finished, a meeting of the NTAC peering group will be scheduled.  This will also be an agenda item for the NTAC meeting at the Internet2 FMM.  Dave Reese and Rob Vietzke are working on a business model document to be reviewed by CENIC Board and Internet2 governance along with connectors and network members.

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