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  • October 21, 2008
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NTAC Peering Group Meeting
October 21, 2008

Attendees:  Jeff Bartig, Ken Lindahl, Caren Litvanyi, Chris Robb, Linda Roos, Steve Wallace, Linda Winkler

1.    Internet2 Update on CPS
2.    Update on migration of IPv6 peers on CPS

1.    Internet2 Update on CPS
Caren indicated that the upgrades in NY are looking good.  She went on to say that the 20 gig in Chicago is not yet in service but will be tomorrow.  This represents an upgrade from two 1 gigs to two 10 gigs in Chicago (similar to NY).  The plan is to run a vlan across the 10 gig.  This upgrade will relieve issues on the 10 gig where public peering is located.  To implement the change, they are considering using channel bonding and have vlans running on both 10 gigs sometime in the future.  For now, the upgrade will include running a vlan across the 10 gig.  During the upgrade, traffic will be shifted to the NY 10 gig while changing Chicago and then move the traffic to the Chicago 10 gig.  Both steps will occur during same window.

In the next few days, a current vendor will be adding another connection in Chicago and that will make the connection a 2 gig connection rather than a 1 gig for that particular vendor.  The new connection will run on the new 10 gig.

2.    Update on migration of IPv6 peers on CPS
Caren mentioned that it appeared the move would be straightforward so it was scheduled prior to FMM.  Without clear explanation, the BGP sessions failed to come up in the CPS vrf.  The lack of explanation prevented having enough information for a case to be opened with Juniper.  The migration was not originally scheduled for an outage maintenance window so when it is rescheduled, it will occur during a maintenance window that allows service-affecting work.  It is currently planned to occur on Friday night (October 24, 2008).  A notification will be distributed tomorrow.  Although the expectation is a non-service-affecting outage, the maintenance window will allow for that eventuality should it occur.  The migration will be carefully observed so that full information can be passed to Juniper should a need arise to open a case.  If it is necessary; there is a possibility that would still back out of the migration, open a case with Juniper and get it resolved prior to completing the migration.

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